Best Practice Guidelines for SAP Solutions on VMware® Infrastructure

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This paper provides best practice guidelines for deploying SAP software solutions on VMware Infrastructure 3. These recommendations are generic and are not specific to any particular SAP application or to the size and scope of the SAP implementation. The examples and considerations in this document provide guidance only and do not represent strict design requirements as the flexibility of SAP and VMware products allows for multiple variations on valid configurations.


This guide assumes a basic knowledge and understanding of VMware Infrastructure 3 and SAP Basis architecture. It discusses CPU, memory, networking and storage with respect to their impact on SAP installations that run on VMware Infrastructure.


VMware has created best practice documents in the areas of storage, networking and performance. The guidelines covered in these resources are broadly applicable to SAP environments; in most cases this paper brings these concepts into the SAP context. Refer to these resources for more background.

VMware and Intel
Feb 8, 2021
Oct 24, 2008
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