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Backup and Recovery: The Benefits of Multiple De-duplication Policies


Data de-duplication systems, which in the past have required that users apply one de-duplication methodology to all of their jobs, now provide a choice. For larger backup environments where multiple jobs, different data types, and variable retention periods are the norm, users can deploy a single de-duplication system with flexible methodologies. Quantum's DXi7500 allows users to choose on a share-by-share basis to carry out de-duplication during ingest, in a fully deferred post process, or to operate in native VTL/NAS mode, allowing them to choose between optimizing capacity savings and optimizing length of the backup window. With a more flexible approach to backup and recovery using multiple policies, companies can enjoy new business benefits from data de-duplication:

  • Performance that meets the most demanding backup windows and doesn't throttle the backup process
  • The fastest possible ingest and restore rates
  • Seamless integration with existing D2D2T architectures
  • The option of more using frequent full backups that use less overall disk capacity
  • Greater capacity and performance to handle larger datasets and more diverse data types
Quantum Corporation
23 Oct 2008
23 Oct 2008
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This resource is no longer available.