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An Architectural Framework for Enterprise Email Infrastructure & Security: Getting It Right Today, Getting Ready for Tomorrow

As email security becomes an ever-more demanding problem for complex, information-driven enterprises, IT departments continue to add and enhance point products that target individual threats. Over time, a growing assortment of point products becomes increasingly difficult and costly to manage. While well intentioned, these heterogeneous products place limits on filtering, policy enforcement, monitoring, reporting and virtually every other security function-leaving the enterprise at risk.

This white paper examines the architecture limitations prevalent in today's large-enterprise email networks. These networks represent serious security challenges due to their large messaging volumes, heterogeneous technologies, diverse geographical locations, complex regulatory demands, and specialized departmental and user needs. For senior managers of email and security networks, this paper will provide an overview of the security limitations that likely exist in their current environment. It also outlines a "modernized" architecture designed to fully leverage security throughout the network and keep email working no matter what the future holds.
Sendmail, Inc.
22 Oct 2008
22 Oct 2008
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This resource is no longer available.