Disaster Recovery Solutions from VMware: Transforming Disaster Recovery - VMware Infrastructure for Rapid, Reliable and Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery

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VMware Infrastructure is transforming the way disaster recovery is done today and in the future. It changes the disaster recovery paradigm to one that is cost effective, rapid and reliable. It enables recovery for all of your production applications across your x86 infrastructure and allows you to increase application coverage for disaster recovery by protecting all your important applications (Tier 0, 1, 2), not just a handful of privileged Tier-0 applications.

VMware Infrastructure transforms disaster recovery by providing you rapid, reliable and cost-effective disaster recovery:

  • Makes disaster recovery affordable through consolidation savings and re-use of existing servers for your disaster recovery site.
  • Provides rapid recovery that is hardware independent, simpler to backup and recover, and enables quick provisioning of your disaster recovery site.
  • Simplifies the ability to test thereby enhancing disaster recovery plan reliability.
VMware, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Oct 18, 2008
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