The Social Enterprise: Using Social Enterprise Applications to Enable the Next Wave of Knowledge Worker Productivity

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On the face of it, social software seems an unlikely poster child for enterprise collaboration. What does sharing photos or connecting with college buddies have to do with getting work done? Enterprise social applications are the next generation of collaboration and productivity tools, capturing the interpersonal knowledge of workers and the implicit connections among people, systems, and data. With them, the invisible becomes visible and actionable in a way never before possible. Moreover, capturing information about interactions and activities can both improve productivity and provide insight into how best to respond to market demand and competitive pressures.

Read this white paper to learn how the emergence of social applications in the enterprise can enable the next wave of knowledge worker productivity by:

  • Harnessing Connections in Social Enterprises
  • Defining the Enterprise Social Web
  • Targeting customers, researching potential employees and enterprise collaboration
  • Improving interaction between colleagues for knowledge management, collaboration and content creation
Oracle Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Oct 16, 2008
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