How Does Ping Really Work?

How Does Ping Really Work?


Ping is a basic Internet program that most of us use daily, but did you ever stop to wonder how it really worked? I don't know about you, but it bugs me when I do not know how something really works. The purpose of this paper is to resolve any lingering questions you may have about ping and to take your understanding to the next level. If you do not happen to be a programmer, please do not be frightened off!


George Mays Course Director, Global Knowledge George Mays has over 35+ years experience in computing, data communications, and networking. His experience includes: mainframe systems programmer, Fortune 500 DBA, management of systems programming, data communications, IT operations, engineering, software development, and networking. He is also the author and course director for Global Knowledge’s Network+ Boot Camp and has contributed to several hacking and security books. George holds various industry certifications including: CISSP, CCNA, A+, Network+, Security+, INet+. Past certification: MCSE. He is an instructor in TCP/IP, Troubleshooting, Network Protocols, Network Fundamentals, A+, Security+ and CISSP. In addition to teaching for Global Knowledge, Mr. Mays also acts as a consultant in the fields of general networking and security.
Global Knowledge
10 Dec 2008
11 Oct 2008
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