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Building a Better Operational Response

Caught in a pinch of downsizing? Consolidating hardware? Restore IT productivity through automation.

Companies today are faced with new competitive challenges that call for increased productivity throughout the organization. Two forces-the downturn in the current economic climate and server virtualization and consolidation-are about to place IT into an even tighter pinch. Fewer eyes monitoring the systems can spell a workflow meltdown. This along with hardware consolidation on IBM Power Systems means that IT is going to have to develop new ways to collaborate and multitask. IT productivity levels will drop until a comprehensive strategy is devised. Fortunately the architecture IBM i and i5/OS lends itself to implementing a comprehensive solution, and some significant tools have been developed to enable an effective operations strategy. Find out how one such set of tools-automated monitoring, alerts, and consoling-can put your organization on the path to success in this new world.

In this podcast we will examine:

  • How operations copes with day-to-day pandemonium.
  • The challenges brought on by downsizing and economic troubles.
  • The impact of server virtualization on IT operations.
  • How workflows can melt down... and how to avoid it.
  • New operational strategies for systems management and response.
  • How to regain and enhance productivity through automation.

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    Thomas Stockwell Author Thomas M. Stockwell is the creator and editor of IT Incendiary and former Editor in Chief of MC Press Online and Midrange Computing Magazine. He has over 20 years experience as a programmer, systems engineer, IT director, industry analyst, author, speaker, consultant, and editor. Thomas lives and works from his home in the Napa Valley in California. Christopher Jones Speaker Christopher Jones is a member of the Bytware team that brings powerful systems management and security solutions to the IBM community, and is also principal of Stellar Debris Creative Studios. He writes on a variety of topics including technology and IBM systems management and security, and contributes articles to MC Press Online. Christopher lives and works in Tokyo.
    Bytware, Inc.
    29 Sep 2008
    Sep 29, 2008

This resource is no longer available.