The Modern Security Threat and Regulatory Compliance

The Modern Security Threat and Regulatory Compliance

As threats from malicious code evolve, protect your systems and network by taking the fight to where the viruses hide. SOX-style legislation and the evolving threat from viruses is challenging the ability of IT management to keep up with security requirements. Today security vendors and IT managers are in a struggle with virus creators to win an escalating arms race and protect sensitive data. The risks are many and varied, and recognizing this governments around the world have put into place regulations that include requirements for virus protection. Although you might think that only Windows users need worry about viruses, the IBM i, OS/400, AIX, and Linux systems in your network are also at risk and could even be the source of infections.

In this webcast we examine:

  • the modern virus threat and how the nature of viruses is changing.
  • how this threat can impact System i, System p, AIX, and Linux.
  • how criminals use malicious code to steal information from your systems.
  • how viruses can gain access to systems you believe are immune.
  • why an IBM Power System can be silent host for viruses.
  • regulatory legislation and the requirements for virus protection.
  • COBIT and NIST guidelines.
  • how to mitigate the virus threat.
  • the benefits of native solutions designed for IBM i, AIX, and Linux.

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    Christopher Jones Speaker Christopher Jones is a member of the Bytware team that brings powerful systems management and security solutions to the IBM community, and is also principal of Stellar Debris Creative Studios. He writes on a variety of topics including technology and IBM systems management and security, and contributes articles to MC Press Online. Christopher lives and works in Tokyo.
    Bytware, Inc.
    Sep 29, 2008
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