Overcoming the Challenges of Green Procurement through eProcurement

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Organisations across the globe are looking at ways to integrate environmental purchasing standards into their sourcing strategy by implementing a Green procurement programme. If you're a procurement executive or director, chances are you are becoming well versed in the litany of challenges that come with 'going green.'

So, how can eProcurement help? While supporting your Green procurement initiative is not likely to be the primary benefit or driver for implementing eProcurement, by utilising eProcurement best practices you can reduce the challenges of deploying, administering and promoting a Green procurement programme.

Our free eBook, Overcoming the Challenges of Green Procurement Through eProcurement, calls out nine eProcurement best practices and demonstrates how they will help you reduce environmental waste and implement and manage your Green purchasing programme. This eBook also provides you with steps your organisation take to leverage these same best practices, even if you don't already have an eProcurement system in place. Lastly, you will read about a list of factors to consider when selecting preferred suppliers to ensure you are capitalising on the benefits of eProcurement, as they pertain to your Green procurement initiatives.

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Feb 8, 2021
Sep 26, 2008
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