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The Agile Business Analyst


Agile development has a significant impact on the business analyst community. It requires business analysts to act as an integrated part of the development team throughout the life of the project and to facilitate increased collaboration. Analysts that lack collaboration, facilitation, and leadership skills put their agile projects at risk for inevitable failure.

In this white paper, you will gain insight into the impact of agile development methodologies on the business analyst community. Explore the skills that are required by business analysts to execute effective agile techniques, as well as the steps necessary to ease the transition to agility. Discover the key role of business analysts on an agile team and learn why analysts must consider learning new skills for writing requirements and new techniques for managing them.


Mike Cottmeyer Project Manager Mike Cottmeyer has a traditional project management background and has worked primarily with agile methodologies for the past four years. Mike is a certified PMP project manager and a certified ScrumMaster. Mike was involved with the creation of the DSDM Agile Project Leader certification, holds this certification at the Foundation, Practitioner, and Examiner levels, and was recently named an honorary member of the DSDM consortium. Mike is on the board of APLN and the current Treasurer.
V. Lee Henson Trainers V. Lee Henson is one of fifty certified scrum trainers worldwide and has worked in just about every role on an agile team. He is an ADDIE Training Professional and has led many Fortune 500 teams and assisted them in successful implementation of thousands of projects. His unique blend of recent real-world experience combined with the ability to drive home highly technical concepts in an easy to understand digestible manner make him an amazing resource to get any team at any level best focused on project related initiatives.
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02 Oct 2008
26 Sep 2008
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This resource is no longer available.