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From chaos to community: Best practices for speeding up the supply chain with improved visibility and automation

For all too many companies, the supply chain and its related processes are chaotic. Buyers and suppliers aren't synchronized, trading partners lack full visibility into how profitable it is to do business with each other, collaboration is painfully slow and manual, and exceptions are rarely addressed on time. Now that most companies are forced to speed up R&D, take products to market more quickly, and embrace lean, just-in-time practices, it's an ideal time to improve your supply chain's capabilities for automation, visibility and collaboration.

View this Webcast, led by supply chain expert Anil Gupta, and examine how enterprise applications and business processes that promote supply chain automation and visibility can turn chaos into community -- thereby cutting costs from, and speeding up, the supply chain. Learn how regulations and mandates, global trading and best-of-breed versus suite systems approaches will impact your supply chain as well as how unfolding international trade, compliance and software developments require more automation and integration in your supply chain.


Anil Gupta VP of Marketing, Bristlecone Anil Gupta brings extensive experience in enterprise software, having served as Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at companies such as Baan (ERP and Supply Chain), Broadbase (CRM Analytics), ePeople (Collaborative CRM) and Niku and Evolve (Services Automation). At these companies, he has led product marketing, product management and corporate marketing functions. Anil contributes articles to leading technology publications and has lectured at Santa Clara University business school and Stanford University School of Engineering.
Sep 25, 2008

This resource is no longer available.