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Streamlining Access Control for SAP® Systems: The Many Advantages of Automated User Provisioning

For organizations with high-volumes of employees leveraging SAP solutions, managing access to these powerful systems is a complex undertaking. IT personnel are often plagued with constant requests streaming in over email, by phone and through web-based forms. Given the myriad of duties assigned to each worker combined with an overload of user provisioning requests, many SAP solutions users are inadvertently granted access to systems that compromise controls, creating significant compliance issues. Add complex manual processes and a lack of workflow for contractors and the process becomes more complicated.

To meet strict regulatory requirements, a laborious process of checks and balances must take place -- with the bulk of the effort falling squarely on the shoulders of the IT group and business managers. Inefficient management of access control ultimately hinders employee productivity. The wait for approvals and verifying access rights often means users are unable to utilize critical systems for days. Worse, inappropriate user access goes unchecked, exposing the organization to greater risks of fraud.

How can IT eliminate access control conflicts? Is there an easy way to speed user provisioning, freeing IT personnel for other tasks?

To meet these challenges, many large organizations are turning to automated user provisioning for SAP solutions. Designed to streamline access to SAP systems, these workflow solutions automatically provision users while enforcing segregation of duties (SoDs). This white paper will examine the access control challenges faced by IT and reveal the many advantages of automated user provisioning for SAP solutions.

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24 Sep 2008
24 Sep 2008
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This resource is no longer available.