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Monitoring for SAP: High-Risk Financial Transactions in Real Time


For large corporations using SAP, the process of identifying and controlling risky financial transactions is a major undertaking. Finance directors are often reliant on cumbersome manual processes to discover fraudulent or mistaken transactions that could materially hinder the company. Often issues are uncovered too late for meaningful corrective action.

With increasing pressure from executives and shareholders, combined with evolving global regulations, the need to quickly identify and review questionable transactions has never been greater. Add the need to satisfy auditors and the pressure mounts for the finance department.

How can finance quickly identify high-risk transactions? Is there an easy way to automate transaction monitoring and quickly implement financial controls?

To meet these challenges, many organizations are turning to real-time transaction monitoring for SAP. Designed to quickly identify high-risk financial transactions within SAP systems, these automated solutions immediately confirm the validity of transactions and identify transactions needing further examination. This white paper will examine the monitoring challenges faced by finance and reveal the many advantages of real-time transaction monitoring for SAP.

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24 Sep 2008
06 Feb 2009
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This resource is no longer available.