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Five Threats to Data Security and How to Protect against Them

Most networking and security professionals are already familiar with the many statistics about Internet traffic and data security. You know that the increase in confidential information sent over the Internet has resulted in increased cases of data compromise. You've read the reports of successful application-level and URL-based attacks launched against Web servers and ecommerce databases. You know that 60% of security breaches are perpetrated by insiders. And you know that a compromise in data security can mean a compromise to the business itself.

This paper is not designed to re-tread these statistics or horror stories. The purpose of this paper is to examine five specific risks to data security, showing where and how confidential data may be vulnerable -- and how you can protect your business against these threats.

The specific risks are posed by:

--unencrypted data in vulnerable locations

--new types of application-level attacks

--mismanagement of private keys

--inadequate user authentication and authorization

--human administrative error

All of these risks have one thing in common: they can be greatly reduced, in some cases completely eliminated, through an Active Application Security product that effectively delivers a powerful combination of data encryption, key management and access management technologies, with no loss in networking performance.

SafeNet, Inc.
10 Sep 2008
10 Sep 2008
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This resource is no longer available.