Getting the Most from Your Wireless Network

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In every industry, real-time network monitoring and rapid troubleshooting have become mission-critical. Network disruptions are now business disruptions, with financial and sometimes even legal consequences. IT departments are working full-time to manage data centers, provision new applications, and respond to help desk requests. More than ever, you need solutions to monitor and troubleshoot problems wherever they are occurring on the network, quickly and efficiently, so that business and other essential IT operations are not disrupted.

Whether viewing network activity for application usage, protocol distribution, node activity or the network packets themselves, or leveraging built-in Expert network analysis, OmniPeek and OmniEngine probes together enable you to visualize global network performance and analyze root cause failures more quickly and effectively than any other solution.
WildPackets, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Aug 26, 2008
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