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Essential ITIL: What You Need to Succeed

ITIL is about people. In fact, ITIL starts with a commitment to the people of IT, because it consists of a series of individual IT practitioner certifications. These certifications help improve the skills required to deliver high quality, repeatable, and well-controlled IT services. There is no "company-wide ITIL certification"- these would, in fact, be handled by the international standards organization ISO via ISO 9001/8 and 20000 corporate certifications.

Second, ITIL is about process. There are different approaches to process implementation based on which "version" of ITIL you are inclined to adopt. But without debating the merits of ITIL "versions," let us presume that any ITIL implementation discussion ultimately has roots in the principle of Process Improvement. Besides, ITIL v2 and v3 are more alike than different at a fundamental level. Both embody essential ITSM processes that every IT organization must perform to the best of its ability-you're doing them as a matter of course whether you have efficient processes in place, or not. Thus almost any question you might ask about ITIL comes down to this: how do you best make use of whatever essential ITIL v2 and/or v3 elements make sense for you to adopt given your specific needs.

Third, ITIL has starting points. This is one of the most widely discussed topics as of late, especially as ITIL isn't considered to be highly prescriptive. Rather, it's a set of "good practice" guidance for IT practitioners to follow. They may adhere to these strictly, as outlined in each of the books. Or, more likely, practitioners may adapt the ITIL guidance as they see fit based on the unique skill sets, goals, and functions of their unique IT organization.


Malcolm Fry Executive Consultant, CA Malcolm Fry began his IT career in 1967, and in the following years took on development, operational and management roles for retail, manufacturing, oil, and pharmaceutical organizations. He has received worldwide recognition as one of the foremost authorities in the areas of help desk and IT service management. He is the author of numerous best-selling books on IT service and support, the newest being Building an ITIL Service Management Department which is due to be published in May. In addition he has had many articles and papers published in multiple languages, and is currently writing a white paper for CA extolling the importance of the Essential ITIL V3 Processes and Functions. Malcolm was also a member of the ITIL Advisory Group (AIG) steering ITIL v3 and a mentor, along with Rob Stroud, to the authors of the ITIL v3 Service Transition book.
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25 Aug 2008
25 Aug 2008
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This resource is no longer available.