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The Dollars and Sense of Web Identity Management: How Saas Cuts the High Costs of Web Access and SSO by 75%

IT infrastructure software has a well-established track record for large projects experiencing frequent cost overruns and missed deadlines. Expensive software and extensive customization are the prime contributors to expanding identity management costs, spiraling budgets for identity projects to lifecycle costs that are 4-5 times more than the price of the initial identity software license. Even ‘free' or open source software has significantly higher lifecycle costs.

Exploding IT infrastructure costs are fueling the fast-growing marketplace for Software as a Service (SaaS) as an alternative to software. SaaS reduces the cost and complexity of IT infrastructure and identity deployments. This Symplified analysis shows the compelling SaaS TCO advantages over software, driving identity lifecycle costs down by more than 75% based on real-world data. Mid-market companies are leaders in deploying IT infrastructure as SaaS, providing their CIOs with greater agility, a stronger focus on innovation and less maintenance.

Chief amongst the IT infrastructure costs targeted by SaaS are large expenses for custom code integration and support to deploy and operate enterprise identity software.
19 Aug 2008
19 Aug 2008
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This resource is no longer available.