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File Shares to SharePoint: 8 Keys to a Succesful Migration

It's costly to manage and maintain multiple data platforms, yet many companies still do so. Although file shares work, their limited capabilities and high administration costs make consolidating your data to one system a necessity. Doing so saves time, money and reduces your headaches!

SharePoint is the answer. SharePoint offers version history, check-in/out capabilities, workflow options and low administration costs. Migrating file shares to SharePoint is the best choice for many companies.

In the Quest Software white paper, "File Shares to SharePoint: 8 Keys to a Successful Migration," Doug Davis explains how migrating your data to a single platform - SharePoint - has many benefits for your enterprise. Learn how a strategy that includes pre-planning will lead to a successful migration.

Learn best practices for a successful SharePoint migration.

Read this white paper today.


Doug Davis Director, SharePoint Product Management, Quest Software, Inc. Doug Davis has worked in the IT industry for almost twenty years. He is a noted SharePoint expert, responsible for the strategic roadmap for Quest’s SharePoint products. His current role at Quest is Product Director of the SharePoint Business Group. Doug came to Quest through its acquisition of FastLane Technologies. Before Quest, he worked in IT and development at Telesat Canada, a Canadian satellite company. Doug has a degree from Carleton University in Ottawa.
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18 Aug 2008
18 Aug 2008
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This resource is no longer available.