Principles of Agile Architecture

Principles of Agile Architecture


The benefits of Agile methods are becoming more obvious and compelling. While the most popular practices were developed and proven in small team environments, the interest and need for using Agile in the enterprise is growing rapidly. That's largely because Agile provides quantifiable, "step-change" improvements in the "big three" software development measures - quality, productivity and morale. This white paper discusses the role of "Intentional Architecture" in the development of enterprise-class systems built using Agile methods and techniques.


Dean Leffingwell Software Executive Dean Leffingwell is an entrepreneur, software executive, consultant and technical author who provides product strategy and enterprise-scale agility coaching to large software enterprises. Mr. Leffingwell has served as chief methodologist to Rally Software and formerly served as Vice President of Rational Software, now IBM’s Rational Division, where he was responsible for the RUP. He was also the founder and CEO of Requisite, Inc., makers of RequisitePro. His latest book is Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises, published by Addison-Wesley, and is also the lead author of the text Managing Software Requirements.
Ryan Martens Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Rally Software Ryan Martens is the founder & Chief Technology Officer of Rally Software and an expert in assisting organizations in transitioning from traditional development processes to more Agile techniques. Before founding Rally Software Development - his fourth software start-up - Mr. Martens directed the corporate adoption of Internet technologies within Qwest Communications, and then moved on to co-found Avitek, a Boulder-based custom software development firm where he served as Vice President of Marketing & Business Development. Mr. Martens successful efforts at Avitek culminated in an acquisition by BEA Systems in 1999. At BEA, Mr. Martens served as Director of Product Management for the eCommerce applications division and he was instrumental in growing that division to more than $50 million in revenue within its first twelve months.
Mauricio Zamora Executive Director, CSG Systems Mauricio Zamora is an Executive Director at CSG Systems who is passionate about helping others leverage agility to deliver large scale and complex software architectures. Mr. Zamora cofounded Telution, a company focused on BSS and OSS software within the Telecom and Cable industries. In 2006, Telution was acquired by CSG Systems for their Product Catalog and Business Services assets. He currently leads the team responsible for implementing an Agile release train consisting of 10+ iteration teams with over 100 software practitioners who run in concurrent 2 week iterations.
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14 Aug 2008
14 Aug 2008
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