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Backup Express and NetApp: Remote Site Business Continuity with Syncsort BEX Advanced Recovery and NetApp FAS Systems


As companies increasingly migrate to distribute business models to take advantage of favorable conditions across wide geographic areas, they face the challenge of how to effectively protect data resources at remote dispersed sites. All too often, the approach is far less than ideal for a number of reasons including cost, administrative demands, and decentralized data management.


Data resource loss can range from an accidentally deleted file to a corrupted server to a catastrophic site failure. Fortunately, a new disk-based backup solution has emerged that integrates simple server backup and recovery for remote sites with centralized control, while costing much less than conventional mirroring strategies. With this solution, file restores are locally administered, yet bare metal disaster recovery is executed from headquarters. This solution leverages the low cost and high speed of ATA disks, enables near-instant recovery from past points in time, and employs groundbreaking technologies that maximize the speed of data transfers and increase the frequency of data and server backups. This new solution is easily scalable to accommodate data protection and disaster recovery needs for even the smallest and farthest remote sites.

13 Aug 2008
01 Aug 2008
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This resource is no longer available.