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The Case for Server-Based Messaging Security Solutions - Webcast


Server-based security approaches are the most effective way to address the latest messaging-based security threats and risks to your organization. Check out this webcast to learn why this strategy is a better option than hosted and appliance-based solutions.


You'll gain an understanding of the top Exchange security risks and key strategies to protect your environment. Learn how to improve message security and lower management costs by considering the following:

    Essential features for an effective Exchange security solutionHow to reduce downtime and ensure faster message deliveryWhy your peers are turning to server-based security solutions


Michael Osterman Principal, Osterman Research, Inc. Michael Osterman is the principal of Osterman Research, Inc., founded in 2001. Since that time, the company has become one of the leading analyst firms in the messaging and collaboration space. Michael is a frequent speaker at industry events. He is also the author of a twice weekly column on unified communications issues for Network World Fusion. Alex Eckelberry CEO, Sunbelt Software Alex Eckelberry joined Sunbelt in 2002 with over 20 years of experience in technology and related areas. An expert on computer security, Alex has written extensively on the subject and has spoken at a number of industry conferences.
Sunbelt Software
Aug 8, 2008

This resource is no longer available.