e-Book: Chapter 5 - Understanding the Data Collection Process

e-Book: Chapter 5 - Understanding the Data Collection Process


Although data collection may not seem to be a daunting challenge, the IT and legal departments need to be aware of the requirements and complexities in complying with e-discovery orders. One of the biggest mistakes an IT shop can make is to think it can handle e-discovery without understanding the risks. Improper data collection can jeopardize the admissibility or reliability of data and can result in substantial costs and potential sanctions.


The data collection part of e-discovery is just one of many steps that must be followed in a legal proceeding.


Margie Semilof Senior News Director, TechTarget Margie Semilof is the senior news director for TechTarget’s Windows Media Group and is responsible for news coverage of the Windows platform. A high-tech journalist for more than 20 years, Semilof has written about a variety of technical topics ranging from hardware and software to telecom and networking.
Kathryn Hilton Senior Analyst, Contoural Inc. Kathryn Hilton has worked as an industry analyst for Gartner Group and for several large storage companies. She is currently a senior analyst for policy at Contoural Inc., a provider of business and technology consulting services that focuses on litigation readiness, compliance, information and records management, and data storage strategy.
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06 Aug 2008
01 Aug 2008
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