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Offshore Software Test Automation: A Strategic Approach to Cost and Speed Effectiveness

Two industry trends, automating software testing and moving software testing offshore, hold out the promise of providing both cost and time savings. Bringing software to market faster while reducing costs and helping the bottom line are goals that are very high on any software development organization's wish list. Unfortunately, many of these efforts yield results that fall far short of expectations. The trade and popular press are full of stories of failed offshore efforts. In addition, many test automation efforts not only fail to yield time or cost savings, but in fact result in quite the opposite! A coordinated management effort, with good understanding of the planning required, is necessary for success in both of these areas.

In fact, the strategic integration of the latest test automation methodologies and technologies with global resource strategies will not only improve upon both efforts, it will allow an organization to fully capitalize on the speed and cost saving potential of offshoring and automation. The competing goals of delivering a quality software product, reducing costs and meeting time to market targets often lead management to take a tactical approach, focusing entirely on one goal or approach while neglecting to consider the impact of their decisions on other parts of the process. They may simply focus on one dimension such as automating testing to improve time to market, or off shoring testing to drive down costs.

Taking a tactical or one dimensional approach can very often lead to undesirable or unforeseen results. Management needs to consider the interplay between quality, cost, and time-to-market goals. They need to take a more strategic approach and develop an overall strategy and methodologies, and then select tools and partners.
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04 Aug 2008
01 Jan 2006
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This resource is no longer available.