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Event Data Warehousing


There are good arguments in favour of treating the long-term retention of event and similar data in an event warehouse as opposed to a data warehouse. In either case, a column-based approach would be beneficial but for data warehouses these are not typically designed for compliance and eDiscovery purposes and lack the sort of features required in this environment, which an event warehouse, on the other hand, can offer. We therefore believe that either a complementary approach be used, which combines event and data warehousing with two separate offerings, or that it should be the event warehouse that forms the starting point for both search and analytics.


Philip Howard Research Director Philip started in the computer industry way back in 1973 and has variously worked as a systems analyst, programmer and salesperson, as well as in marketing and product management, for a variety of companies including GEC Marconi, GPT, Philips Data Systems, Raytheon and NCR. In addition to the numerous reports Philip has written on behalf of Bloor Research, Philip also contributes regularly to and and was previously the editor of both “Application Development News” and “Operating System News” on behalf of Cambridge Market Intelligence (CMI). He has also contributed to various magazines and published a number of reports published by companies such as CMI and The Financial Times.
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01 Aug 2008
01 Feb 2008
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This resource is no longer available.