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Global at the Core: The Business and Technology Benefits of Workday's Global Approach to Enterprise Applications


As companies increasingly compete in a global arena, application ecosystems based on monolithic ERP applications are no longer sufficient. While these legacy applications may meet basic local requirements, they are unable, for example, to do global headcount reporting or provide insight into the myriad business variables that drive global success.


Workday applications provide true multinational support based on a consistently applied, simplified model of global business. These modern enterprise application solutions can effectively transform business with:


  • Superior information: Delivering superior information in a global business application requires a complex orchestration of data and business processes. Executives and end users worldwide can use Workday to find the information they need to make business decisions.
  • Superior agility: Using Workday, companies can respond to global market dynamics much faster and take advantage of business opportunities as soon as they are identified. Workday uniquely imparts organizational, process, and information agility.
  • Superior control: Workday features built-in, role-based, fully integrated internal controls, weaving user access and transactional control into the fabric of the global system.
  • Superior economics: Workday replaces high-cost on-premise enterprise applications with on demand solutions that fundamentally cost less to implement, maintain, and upgrade.


Laura Schroeder HCM Global Strategist
31 Jul 2008
01 Jul 2008
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This resource is no longer available.