Driving Business Success with Software Reuse

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As enterprise software systems continue to grow in complexity, IT is struggling to find better ways to meet the increasing business demands. With pressure to create higher quality software more quickly and at less cost, enterprise IT must find ways to streamline development. One way that organizations are meeting this challenge is by implementing ways to drive a successful software reuse initiative. The upside to this approach is considerable: devising an effective software reuse strategy enables software development teams to construct enterprise software systems through assembly of reusable parts, and Component Based Development (CBD) serves as a critical enabler of realizing higher degrees of reusability.

Software Reuse and its underlying fundamentals have evolved dramatically over the past four decades. The benefits of constructing mission critical enterprise software applications through assembly of reusable parts are immense. With today's complex development environments and ambitious SOA initiatives, effective CBD can play a critical role in realizing success. While component technologies have gone mainstream, many other factors are impeding CBD success. One of the biggest reasons is the inability of the development team to develop, share and manage components through an underlying framework of integrated and optimized process patterns and change management techniques. Telelogic Synergy and Change can offer mature teams a significant advantage with CBD initiatives. With its robust feature set, combined with strong integration capabilities, Telelogic Synergy and Change offers a disciplined approach to CBD.

Feb 8, 2021
Mar 1, 2008
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