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Data protection FAQ

With the data protection landscape becoming more distributed and IT resources increasingly constrained, businesses need a centralized data protection strategy that can efficiently manage multiple backup and recovery jobs across the enterprise.

Watch this expert Podcast to discover how you can confidently manage the explosive data growth and avoid the pitfalls of single server-based backup.

Today's enterprises face a growing data protection challenge: how to optimize the backup and recovery of a volume of business-critical data that grows larger each day and, in many cases, doubles each year. This expert Podcast discusses the future of data protection technology and how it will play into storage as a service and dense storage platforms.

View this Podcast to learn more about the future impacts of technologies, such as:

  • Tape
  • Disk
  • VTLs
  • And more


Eric Burgener SVP, Product Management

Eric Burgener joined InMage in 2009 as Senior Vice President of Marketing, responsible for all of its inbound and outbound marketing operations as well as corporate communications. Prior to joining InMage, Mr. Burgener served as a storage industry analyst with The Taneja Group, and has held executive level positions at Mendocino Software, Topio, Veritas Software , and Dell, as well as additional positions earlier in his career at Tandem Computers, Pyramid Technology, and Sun Microsystems.

Quantum Corporation
29 Jul 2008
Aug 12, 2008

This resource is no longer available.