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Configuration Assessment: Choosing the Right Solution

No matter what line of work they're in, organizations face four pressing issues: ensuring the security of the IT infrastructure, optimizing its performance and availability, keeping it compliant with relevant regulations and standards, and proving compliance in an audit. The costs for not addressing these issues are clear--attacks on the IT infrastructure, poor customer experiences, lost revenue, compromised reputation, and major headaches during audits.

Configuration assessment tools are designed to help IT overcome these challenges and successfully comply with relevant internal and external policies, thereby getting the IT infrastructure into a known and trusted state. But it's important that IT understands the different approaches taken with configuration assessment, including any shortcomings a particular approach may have.

It's equally important that IT understands what features of automated assessment tools specifically address the barriers to achieving a known and trusted state. These features may include:

  • Out-of-the-box configuration assessment policies;
  • Ability to capture and retain IT expertise;
  • Detailed information that aids in remediating improper configurations; and
  • Ability to monitor changes to configurations.
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08 Jan 2009
01 Jul 2008
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This resource is no longer available.