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Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology: The Beginning of an Era of Mobile Multi-Core Computing


For many years mobile computing was perceived as a performance-compromised platform. The mobile PC was just a smaller, "portable" PC, and the perception was that it lacked the necessary performance and features. Intel® Centrino® mobile technology changed this position dramatically. Centrino brought uncompromised performance to a very small, thin and light form factor, while delivering the required mobility capabilities of long battery life and wireless connectivity. It redefined the notebook, creating a new category which is being wildly accepted by users. Before Centrino, notebook percentage of PCs was in its teens; post Centrino, this penetration is in the 30% range and growing.


The new Intel® Centrino® Duo mobile technology brings uncompromised performance to new heights. It delivers faster performance than many desktop computers shipping today while improving battery life and maintaining thermal cooling and small form factor. All this is possible due to the revolutionary technology implemented in the Intel® Core™ Duo processor and its supporting platform components. The Intel Core Duo processor brings dual core to the notebook with "leap-ahead" performance. The processor is developed in 65 nm process technology, and delivers almost double the performance of a similar die size in the previous process generation.


Dadi Perlmutter Senior Vice President, General Manager, Mobility Group
Intel Corporation
24 Jul 2008
15 May 2006
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This resource is no longer available.