Welcome to Your Internet Future - Mobile Broadband Brought to You by WiMAX

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WiMAX is a new way of subscribing to mobile Internet access through a wireless connection, direct to your service provider, it gives you reliable, convenient broadband access on the go, for real-time information and entertainment.

WiMAX combines the familiarity of Wi-Fi with the mobility of cellular that will deliver personal mobile broadband that moves with you. It let you get connected to the Internet, miles from the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot. Mobile WiMAX blanket large areas--metropolitan, suburban, or rural--delivering mobile broadband Internet access at speeds similar to existing broadband.

WiMAX is built for the future with advanced, efficient wireless technology that provides higher speeds than today's wide area wireless technologies. It will be able to completely transform your mobile Internet lifestyle, enabling you to connect in ways you've only dreamed about.
Intel Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Dec 1, 2007
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