Seamless Design and GIS Integration

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The Public Works Department of the City of Tacoma (Tacoma), Washington, uses its geospatial data to do everything from issuing building permits and managing waste water to maintaining streetlights. The city has prioritized the centralized storage, efficient maintenance, and real-time distribution of spatial data. With Autodesk Map 3D and Oracle Spatial forming the core of its GIS, Tacoma's efforts have met with spectacular-and award-winning-success. Since turning to Autodesk and Oracle solutions to create, edit, share, and store geospatial data, Tacoma has been able to:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry from its design and GIS processes
  • Collect and process more spatial data more quickly
  • Use existing staff and resources to maintain a large spatial database
  • Save internal and external customers time with instant access to maps
  • Customize web applications quickly and easily with existing IT staff

Although the process efficiencies enabled by Autodesk Map and Oracle are saving Tacoma's staff time internally, Tacoma is even more pleased with the convenience govME delivers to citizens. "Before, whenever citizens needed a map, they had to drive downtown, stand in line to request the information, and staff had to make copies". Now they can get the information they need in minutes whenever they need it from wherever they have an internet connection. They're saving at least an hour of their time, plus the information is always up-to-date."
Apr 6, 2021
Jan 1, 2005
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