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Fashion is a perishable commodity where trends change overnight, making it difficult to ultimately predict duration and demand. Ordering too much product translates into increased capital expenses that can erode a retailer's bottom line, while ordering too little can lead to missed opportunities and lost sales. Unlike other retail segments where items have a set location on the shelves, items do not stay in one spot. Inventory is constantly on the move between the rack and the dressing room throughout the day, often causing a false out-of- stock situation and a lost sale when the size a customer may need is in the dressing room waiting to be re-stocked. And keeping an accurate inventory is difficult -- and costly -- further compounding the ability to ensure the right item is available for your customers at the point of decision.


By deploying RFID, fashion retailers can achieve the real-time inventory visibility required to improve the many aspects of inventory management -- with very little effort.


With RFID, the existing staff could simply wheel a cart equipped with a mobile reader throughout the storefront and fitting room areas to obtain a real-time view of inventory in minutes. An RFID handheld reader enables the rapid location of an item that is in stock but not on the rack. And the ability to automatically identify and reconcile incoming shipments at the item level without even opening the boxes eliminated the time consuming task of processing many items that look identical except for size -- reducing the receiving process from hours to minutes. The result was a major reduction in stockouts and a significant increase in sales, customer retention levels -- and profitability.

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Feb 8, 2021
Jan 1, 2007
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