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Barclays Bank

After reviewing a number of solutions Barclays chose Lumension Security's Sanctuary Device Control which enabled complete lock down of USB ports and prevented all unauthorized connection of USB devices to the network, with the added flexibility of allowing individual permissions where appropriate – enabling IT managers to lock and unlock particular USB drives as necessary as priorities and privileges of certain staff changed. Therefore, the solution provided secure management of company wide USB device usage, while also offering more granular resource management where necessary.

Barclays appointed QinetiQ, an independent security company to carry out extensive testing of the Lumension solution before deploying the solution. Once testing was completed and they were satisfied that Lumension Security's Sanctuary Device Control had passed their rigorous criteria, QinetiQ advised that Device Control was the most fitting solution to fulfill Barclays USB security requirements. Barclays risk team agreed and the solution became the standard security solution for the ADIR implementation. Prior to roll out to the branch network Device Control was put through an extensive independent test and pilot cycle, undertaken in a "branch replication" environment, which mirrored the infrastructure to which it would connect.

10 Jul 2008
01 Jan 2007
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This resource is no longer available.