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The Total Economic Impact of Lumension Security's Sanctuary


In June 2007, Lumension Security, then SecureWave, commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) that enterprises may realize by deploying Sanctuary Application and Device Control. Sanctuary (formerly SecureWave Sanctuary) Application and Device Control is an integrated application and device control solution providing enterprisewide endpoint security. This study illustrates the financial impact of moving from a difficult-to-enforce, &#34voluntary&#34 compliance solution to an IT-driven solution that automatically enforces endpoint security policies.

In conducting in-depth interviews with John C. Lincoln Hospitals (JCL), an existing Sanctuary Application and Device Control customer, Forrester found that this organization achieved significant benefits, some easily measured for this ROI study and others that could not be measured but are likely to be more valuable. Specifically, the benefits fall into the following categories: 1) reduced effort required by the IT staff to enforce security policy; 2) reduced cost and effort to maintain, repair, and upgrade computers; 3) reduced number of new computers that need to be purchased each year; 4) reduced risk/cost of &#34data leakage&#34 sensitive information being taken out on USB drives and other mobile storage devices; 5) reduced risk/cost of accidental or intentional malware introduction; 6) improved quality of life for the IT staff due to fewer late-night emergencies; 7) improved image of the IT department, as they can now provide more services and with a quicker response time across the entire healthcare system; and 8) increased user productivity from improved computer uptime and performance thanks to the prevention of access to non-work related applications.

JCL was able to provide metrics to quantify the first three benefits. For the interviewed customer, Forrester found an anticipated return on investment ROI) of between 365% and 372% with Sanctuary Application and Device Control.


Jonathan Lipsitz Project Director Lauren Hughes
10 Jul 2008
10 Sep 2007
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This resource is no longer available.