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Social Computing for Organizations: Open Text in the Web 2.0 Paradigm


Today Web 2.0 and social computing encapsulate a new understanding of how Internet users interact with each other and consume Web content. A few years ago, the Internet experienced a paradigm shift with the introduction of new interactive technologies and communication models. While Web 2.0 refers mainly to technical innovations, social computing stands for users' participation in and interaction with a Web site. Web pages that were once static are suddenly enriched by a culture of user participation and contribution, producing more quality with more diverse content. As social computing moves into the business world, employees, customers, and other users contribute to this diversity by authoring and monitoring information for internal or public use. As a result, more organizations are starting to incorporate the principles of "user-generated content" and "many-to-one" into their marketing strategy to create business models for driving revenue.


This white paper focuses on how companies can benefit from the growing opportunities provided by social computing and how Open Text's Enterprise Content Management solutions can support advanced collaboration to occur between people within and outside the organization while at the same time providing a secure and managed enterprise 2.0 environment for your content and intellectual property.

OpenText Corporation
18 Jun 2008
01 Dec 2007
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This resource is no longer available.