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Increased Effectiveness through Intentionally Designed Culture

Intentionally Designed Culture (IDC) is the systematic approach to identifying, effecting, and tracking the necessary behavioral changes in an organization. IDC starts out by classifying the type of behavior that an organization exhibits and then plans out a gradual introduction of key concepts necessary to bring the organization to a point where it will exhibit trust, accountability, and substantial reuse - which leads to dramatically increased performance.

Intentionally Designed Culture is a repeatable, formal process to effect specific changes in the beliefs and behaviors of an organization. IDC provides a set of quantitative measures for tracking progress, ready-to-use solutions to common problems, and a community-based ground-up approach for driving positive changes throughout an organization.


Roy Garris Tools Practice Lead, ICONATG An original foot soldier of the personal computer revolution Roy was an active member of the home-brew computer clubs of the 70's. Swapping code on the early ARPANET fostered his vision for the future of computing in everyday life. As an early adopter and innovator of OOAD, Expert Systems, AI, and development process es he then as now pushes the envelope towards the next level of improvement. Building his first computer at 9 years old, by 11 he was writing early computer games which he traded to computer companies for new hardware. Honing his skills during six years of military service Roy brought his unique perspective into the business world.
Patrik Jonsson Senior Consultant, Ivar Jacobson Consulting Patrik a unique experience in working with object-oriented methods for software and organization development. During his 10 years at Rational, he has been working close to Ivar Jacobson, and has had a key role in developing the Rational Unified Process and later also the Essential Unified Process. He has been developing a systematic technique for large scale reuse together with Jacobson and Martin Griss of HP Labs in Palo Alto.
Ivar Jacobson Consulting
18 Jun 2008
01 May 2008
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This resource is no longer available.