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Good to Great: Transform IT through Service Lifecycle Management

With services taking such an important role in the way IT operates, the practice of service lifecycle management has emerged as a best practice-based approach to making each service the best it can be. SLcM helps IT demonstrate its value to the business, and enables IT to increase efficiency, optimize service delivery and support, and meet growing customer demands.

The principles of ITIL v3 form the basis of SLcM. This latest iteration of ITIL reflects the changing nature of the IT organization, and its new role as a key driver of long term business success. ITIL also recognizes the importance of effective management across the entire service lifecycle, and therefore provides a path for the proper implementation of SLcM.

HP Service Manager is a key component in any successful SLcM implementation. Service Manager embodies the principles of ITIL v3, and its suite of modules provides the functionality needed to bring SLcM to every lifecycle phase of every service. A longterm leader in bringing ITIL best practices to corporate IT organizations, HP offers a comprehensive solution, including services and education in addition to HP Service Manager software.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
18 Jun 2008
01 Aug 2008
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This resource is no longer available.