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Access Control in Virtual Environments

Recognizing the challenges of virtualization, FoxT is committed to extending the access control management and auditing benefits provided by BoKS Access Control for Servers to work on virtual platforms. FoxT has recently introduced support for VMWare ESX server, IBM virtual I/O server, and zLinux running on IBM z-Series mainframes. This enables organizations using BoKS Access Control for Servers to extend the management facilities BoKS offers to their virtual servers:

  • Centrally manage user populations on virtual servers from the BoKS Manager administration console
  • Automatically provision users to virtual machines by adding the machines to managed host groups
  • For virtual machines used sporadically, dynamically register and deregister the hosts in BoKS and automate updating of user password updates
  • Enforce common access and authentication policies for virtual and non-virtual servers alike
  • Centrally scan virtual machines for vulnerabilities with BoKS integrity checking
  • Centrally monitor configurable files across the network for changes, including files residing on virtual machines
  • Centrally log user access to virtual machines

FoxT brings clarity to your virtual domain, where access controls, identity management and user provisioning can be centrally managed on virtual machines. With the FoxT solution, hosts can be dynamically added to and removed from managed host groups to create a sustainable identity management and access control environment that spans virtual and non-virtual machines.
16 Jun 2008
16 Jun 2008
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This resource is no longer available.