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How a New-generation MES Can Drive Flexible Manufacturing

As automotive manufacturers move to flexible manufacturing and sequenced assembly, they must update the MES software that drives the factory floor. A new generation of MES is needed, not only to address the challenges of flexible production, but also to adapt to a global marketplace where a flexible plant may have to be opened at any time, on any continent.

Apriso's FlexNet adaptive operations execution platform provides automotive suppliers with a highly flexible solution that spans from vendors to plant floors to the vehicle assembly line. It automatically renders process changes as a user interface on the factory floor that guides operators step-by-step through new work instructions, so that model change-overs become a simple matter from a control point of view, with full traceability and reporting.

The solution also allows automotive manufacturers to deploy best practices and continual improvements easily and quickly, trace complete product histories and create reports at any time for regulatory or production requirements, and monitor plant performance based on real-time information from all plant floors.
Apriso Corporation
09 Jun 2008
25 Sep 2006
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This resource is no longer available.