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America's Quest for IPv6 - Part I: A Business Perspective

IPv6, packed with promise of superior security, scale, and reliability, is already available to forward-thinking countries like China, as well as corporations wanting to sustain an advantage over their competitors. Despite this promise, only now has America begun taking steps towards a transition to IPv6, and still our nation struggles to see the overwhelming value this upgrade all but guarantees. This paper emphasizes that American organizations must adopt IPv6 today. It describes the features and functions that will keep them competitive on the global stage, offering a level of technological empowerment essential for any company's--or any country's--continued economic success.


Tom Patterson CEO, Command Information Tom Patterson is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Command Information and a leading business advisor in the areas of security, technology, and governance. Most recently, he founded the IPv6 Business Council on behalf of the global IPv6 community, and published a critically acclaimed book, Mapping Security, on information security, privacy and governance around the world. Tom has been the partner in charge of security operations for Deloitte in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the managing director of KPMG/Bearingpoint's global managed services business, and IBM's chief strategist for electronic commerce. Tom has served as a board member for several public companies, has advised all three branches of the US Government on Internet and security policy, and is a trusted advisor to company executives across the globe.
Command Information
09 Jun 2008
09 Jun 2008
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This resource is no longer available.