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Disaster Recovery: Identify Data Value for a Targeted DR Solution

It is not at all unlikely that some confusion is felt when faced with the task of selecting a method of disaster recovery; after all, there are many potential choices to consider. The key point to keep in mind is that since no one type of disaster recovery offers a complete solution in itself, undoubtedly the best solution is a combination of many different elements of DR, balancing cost, RPO and RTO. For a good middle/upper-end solution, however, many organizations would be well served to consider snap-assisted replication, because of its focus on data integrity and recovery. Better yet, a storage software stack that combines a wide variety of DR functions into a single solution, several of which exist in the market, would be a safe bet. Whatever the choice, no final decisions should be made before key individuals within the organization are in agreement on the data value hierarchy, and acceptable recovery benchmarks have been agreed upon.

The StorTrends© line of storage products from American Megatrends offers a wide variety of DR solutions in its StorTrends storage server appliances including remote, real-time replication (synchronous and asynchronous), snapshot-assisted replication, and D2D2T Backup. Each StorTrends storage appliance is pre-installed with StorTrends iTX software, and leverages its robust, advanced snapshot technology to provide high performance, low data loss, and quick recovery in the face of disaster.
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09 Jun 2008
01 Jan 2007
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This resource is no longer available.