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Why Companies Fail: And the Information Imperatives to Help Ensure Survivability

Companies are failing at an unprecedented rate. According to recent research, detailed in this paper and analyzing the performance of the 1,000 largest U.S. companies over the past 40 years, about 80 percent of companies presently are stagnating or are in decline. Only 21 percent are growing. Further, companies are failing at a rate three times faster than 30 years ago.

Companies that survive and prosper must transform their leadership cultures to tolerate more risk; set up an early warning system to surface threatening trends; and make their planning and decision-making processes more speedy and adaptive.

Kalido Active Information Management software can help companies accommodate the kinds of information required to stave off failure. Kalido's unique business-model-driven technology enables companies to make decisions based on accurate, accessible and consistent information, delivered in real time, thereby driving profitability and dramatically improving corporate performance.


Gregory P. Hackett Goodyear Executive Professor, Kent State University Gregory P. Hackett is Goodyear Executive Professor of business at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. Sponsored by The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company since 1973, the professorship brings a seasoned executive to campus to teach and direct programs bridging the academic and business communities.Hackett was founder of The Hackett Group, the world’s foremost benchmarking and consulting firm focused exclusively on the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate operational infrastructures. Previously, he spent a decade with Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., improving manufacturing and service strategy and operations for more than 100 global companies.
John Evans Director of Product Marketing, Kalido John Evans is Director of Product Marketing at Kalido. Evans has 2 0 years of experience in the business intelligence, data warehousing and information integration markets and has presented on these topics at Oracle, IBM and SAP conferences worldwide. Prior to Kalido, Evans was Director of Enterprise Application Markets at IBM, which he joined upon its acquisition of Ascential Software. Prior to Ascential, he served in product marketing and product management roles at Syncra Systems, Oracle, IRI Software and Comshare. Evans holds a master of business administration degree from The University of Michigan and an undergraduate degree from Bowdoin College.
04 Jun 2008
01 Jan 2007
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This resource is no longer available.