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Application Modernization: RAD for the Web Reaches System i

"Modernization" of System i applications doesn't require a wholesale re-start. A practical approach to modernization leverages existing data and business logic while also providing a solution for adding new functionality and a better end-user experience.

Executives realize it's no longer acceptable to have information locked in silos in their organization. They need to make data and business processes readily accessible to their employees and in many cases to their customers, in real time.

Developers, tasked with making this information more accessible, quickly realize that green screen terminal interfaces are not enough. Today's workforce and customers expect interactive Windows and Web applications.

In this whitepaper we discuss the Delphi/400 rapid application development (RAD) environment. We talk about the creation of applications that take the best of the i box and add functionality to give the best customer experience ever, either in a Windows application or an AJAX enabled web application - a practical approach to modernization.


Brian W. Kelly Senior Systems Engineer (SE), IBM Brian W. Kelly was an IBM Senior Systems Engineer (SE) for 30 years, and has spent over a decade as a System i consultant based in Wilkes-Barre / Scranton, Pennsylvania. He is also an author of dozens of AS/400, iSeries, and System i books and numerous articles. He serves as an assistant professor at Marywood University, which uses the OS/400 and i5/OS platform and teaches courses using the platform as well. Kelly is also one of the contributing technical authors to IT Jungle’s “The Four Hundred” and “Four Hundred Guru” newsletters.
30 May 2008
01 May 2008
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This resource is no longer available.