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Clustered Storage - SD CHI 08

The growth of structured and unstructured data continues at an explosive rate in most environments resulting in a constantly expanding data footprint requiring data and storage management resources. Similarly, the relative ease of use of NFS and Windows CIFS file sharing based storage, also known as Network Attached Storage (NAS), has led to a proliferation of NAS and Windows file servers which are not all that different from how the ease of use of personal computers (PCs) resulted in desktop and server sprawl. With the focus of many IT organizations today to do more with less, or, do more with what you have, clustered storage and clustered file serving have become a popular option to support modular, scalable and flexible growth. Clustered storage including clustered file serving, grid and web 2.0 based storage solutions are no longer confined to the specific high performance scientific applications they are commonly associated.

Clustered storage serving is commonly being deployed to support a wide diversity of applications including commercial, entertainment or media, Web 2.0 and social networking along with grid, cloud and traditional scientific needs.

This session takes a look at among other topics:

  • Look at what different clustered storage vendors are claiming and how their solutions differ
  • Fact vs. Fiction, Myths and Realties of clustered storage
  • What are the caveats to be aware of when deploying clustered storage
  • What are some emerging trends and solutions to keep an eye on for clustered storage
  • What are some questions that some vendors do not want you to ask about their solutions!


Greg Schulz Founder and Senior Analyst, StorageIO
Storage Decisions
29 May 2008
01 May 2008
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This resource is no longer available.