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The Dirty little Secrets of the Warehouse Management Systems Industry

It's not a small project to evaluate, select and implement a warehouse management system (WMS). As enterprises evaluate systems to manage distribution operations, it is important to know as much as possible about the market and industry to make the search process better. These endeavors take diligence, time and a thorough understanding of your business goals to achieve operational excellence and competitive advantage over the long term.

This white paper reveals five secrets you should know before you purchase a WMS. They will help guide your evaluation and selection processes in a way that best benefits your business, your customers and your long-term success and competitive advantage.

The following secrets will be examined in detail

Many WMS will hinder your ability to differentiate.

WMS upgrades can be a nightmare.

The so-called “service-oriented architectures” of many WMS will probably make you change your business practices to fit the software.

Vendor ideas of “meeting your requirements” can result in a messy hodgepodge of systems.

Most supply chain execution suites are not really sweet.

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26 May 2008
01 Oct 2007
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This resource is no longer available.