The Outsourcing Decision for a Globally Integrated Enterprise: From Commodity Outsourcing to Value Creation

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The days of outsourcing being just a way of cutting costs are gone. In the globalised economy, outsourcing is now seen as a way of making the most of the vast array of talent available. No matter where it is to be found. With technology rendering geographical boundaries obsolete, outsourcing provides a way for the globally integrated enterprise to undertake collaborative projects and innovative partnerships. And stay fully up to date with the latest technology and expertise. It enables firms to select the work they want to do and where in the world they want to do it, through mutually beneficial partnerships. Cost savings and predictable business results are of course still of great importance but firms now outsource primarily as a way of funding high-value innovation and business transformation. As well as filling their skills gaps, expanding their portfolio and penetrating new markets. Those firms that can see beyond the traditional 'commodity' model of outsourcing to the limitless possibilities on offer will be best placed to exploit its transformational potential. Are you making the most of the world's talent? See how outsourcing could help your firm by downloading the whitepaper now.
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 1, 2008
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