Drive Sustainable, Profitable Growth through CRM: 8 Golden Rules to Turn Your Company into a Customer-Centric Enterprise

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Many organizations look to information technology as an enabler for CRM, not just to help them understand their customers' needs, but also to determine how best to deliver on those needs. But IT can be more than just an enabler - it can serve as a catalyst for transforming a business into a customer-centric enterprise.

This transformation is about building a synergistic ecosystem with employees, customers, and partners that consistently creates and delivers customer value - an ecosystem where customer demand drives the supply chain, customer insight inspires innovation, and employees are empowered to best serve the customer.

Organizations that can build such an ecosystem, one that is also flexible enough to quickly respond to changing customer needs and business challenges, will have a sustainable competitive advantage and enjoy profitable growth for years to come.
SAP America, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
May 1, 2008
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