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Building the Next Generation Network Bridge: From Today's Network to the Future


While the "buzz" on the street seems to be all about the next generation network (NGN) and the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), it is perhaps more important to talk about how today's existing service provider (SP) networks can start making the slow migration toward the NGN. Very few SPs will simply be able to build a whole new network, and even those that can still need to support legacy devices and services for the foreseeable future. To make matters worse, many of the standards for IMS are still evolving or are implemented differently by different vendors.


The modern SP needs tools and technology to help them start deploying NGN services today on their existing networks with a mindful-eye toward tomorrow. F5 Networks provides these tools and technologies and is already a major contributor to many existing SP networks providing cutting-edge technology.


Very few, if any, SPs are going to be capable of simply activating a complete IMS infrastructure and all of them are going to need to service legacy services simultaneously with any new services. Fortunately, most of the challenges facing SPs as they move forward are not all that different from the challenges enterprise organizations have faced for many years when dealing with IP-based application delivery. With the increased capability of F5 Networks to handle the ubiquitous protocols of the IMS world (SIP, RTSP, SCTP) in addition to the many other TCP/IP protocols used in IP networks, the BIG-IP family of Application Delivery Networking equipment is perfectly poised to help the service provider of today - and tomorrow.


Ken Salchow Jr. Manager, Product Management
F5 Networks
28 Apr 2008
01 Sep 2007
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This resource is no longer available.