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New Technologies for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


Enterprise data protection has grown up. With the frequent threat of virus attacks, hackers, and the uncontrollable forces that can lead to a loss of data, a data protection plan is serious business. If your organization trusts and relies on digital information, it's imperative that you have the proper systems and technology in place to defend against data loss. If data loss does occur, recovering it must be done quickly and efficiently. The complexity and increasing regulation of data protection requirements have created a wealth of new products and solutions. These newer solutions for redundancy and data protection generally have a common attribute--greater reliance on IP-based WAN services to implement the data protection scheme. Data protection solutions require the ability to move data quickly and cost-effectively across the WAN. If you can count on greater utilization of the links involved in the WAN portion of your protection plan, it allows you that much more flexibility to plan properly. Greater bandwidth usage helps you deliver a cost-effective solution. WAN accelerators can help you deliver the effective WAN utilization that is a major component in redundancy or data protection plans. It's that simple.

F5 Networks
28 Apr 2008
28 Apr 2008
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This resource is no longer available.