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Nexaweb Enterprise Web Suite

Product Type: Enterprise RIA & Legacy Modernization Platform

Target User: Java/J2EE Developers

IT Problem: Business applications are NOT easily moved to the Web. They are logic heavy, data driven, and must scale. Using JavaScript and HTML can be difficult and costly, and doesn't always meet the requirements of the business. Nexaweb does.

IT Download Description: This IT download, Nexaweb's Enterprise Web Suite, provides developers with the tools to build and deploy Ajax and Rich Internet Applications using Web 2.0 UI technologies that access legacy, SOA and Web data using an Eclipse-based Visual IDE and XML design pattern. This software enables developers to deliver a rich user experience powered by real-time internal, external, 3rd party and even local store data sources online or off. With Nexaweb Enterprise Web Suite, developers can build Ajax applications quicker with an advanced Eclipse-based IDE that supports programmatic and visual development of applications using declarative XML code structure. It provides design, messaging and runtime environments that are standards-based, support large datasets and real-time data and deliver zero-install application UIs.

Special Requirements: Hardware: RAM 1 GB minimum / 2 GB recommended for Eclipse; 500 MB hard drive space; Pentium 4+ // Software: J2SE JDK (1.5+ for Nexaweb Studio, 1.3+ for Server deployment, 1.1+ for Java client runtime); Apah Ant 1.6.1+ (Optional for creating a command line build environment)

Nexaweb Technologies, Inc.
25 Apr 2008
25 Apr 2008
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This resource is no longer available.